UDT provides the listed services:

Governmental and Private Organizations

IT Assets Management Solutions: Design, implement, maintain, and monitor IT assets’ use, security, costs,  and customer satisfaction surveys;  advise and coordinate or execute the proper disposal of non-serviceable technology equipment according to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Disaster Recovery Solutions:Co-plan, advise, design, implement, test and assess recovery strategies for all IT assets (hardware and software) aligned with the organization’s continuity plan having clearly specified recovery times for mission critical organizational  equipment and services inclusive of third party entities

Data Center Solutions: Design installation, maintenance, migration (if required) and monitoring (operational and security)

Virtual Network Solutions: VLAN design, configuration, deployment and monitoring (operational and security)

Cloud Computing Solutions: Design, configuration, implementation, and monitoring (operational and security)

Multi-platform and Multi-device, End User Solutions:  Design, implementation, maintenance, and monitoring (operational & security) inclusive of but not limited to Windows/Linux/Novell/Macintosh desktop, laptop, netbook/chromebook, tablet, MACBook and IPAD environments

Mobile Network Computing Solutions: Design, deployment, maintenance and monitoring (operational and security) of aproved  users and devices mobile computing activities

Intranet/Internet Solutions: Network infrastructure cabling (CAT6 & Fiber), design (IPV6), installation, testing, maintenance and traffic/bandwidth monitoring (operational & security)

Computer Imaging Solutions: Mass device cloning, deployment, maintenance and monitoring (operational and security) of computing equipment  inclusive of but not limited to desktops, laptops, netbooks/chromebooks, tablets, MACBooks and IPADs

Technology Training and Professional Development Solutions: Advise, design, execute, and evaluate  technology training for organizational users of identified hardware and  software

Schools and Non-Profits

*Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis for Hardware/Software

*Educational Technology Implementation

*Educational Technology/Curriculum Integration (with measurable students' technology literacy skills outcomes) 

*Grant Writing

*Educational Technology Plan Creation and Review

*Next Generation Assessments and Technology Readiness Consulting

*Teacher/Staff Educational Technology Professional Development

 UDT will be the 360 technology bridge to your organization’s success and competitive edge in the ever evolving, highly technological 21st century.